Freelance Writer
Special interests: food and culture. Read more
Author of ground-breaking texts in the field of Deaf culture. Read more
Deaf Culture DVDs
Co-producer of two popular DVDs. Read more
ASL Interpreter
More than 25 years experience as an ASL interpreter.
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Lectures, presents workshops and trains interpreters.
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Cultural Detective
Co-author of Cultural Detective: Deaf Culture. Read more

Anna Mindess in ParisAnna Mindess has worked as an American Sign Language Interpreter for more than 25 years.

She is the author of the ground-breaking text Reading Between the Signs which is widely used in interpreter training programs worldwide.

Anna has presented workshops all over the U.S. and Europe and has been a featured speaker at several international conferences.

She has now focused her writing talents on freelance writing for magazines and newspapers, with the goal of bringing together her two passions, food and culture.

cover of Between the SignsAnna and partner Thomas Holcomb have co-produced two popular DVDs, See What I Mean and A Sign of Respect, which aim to sensitize viewers about contrasts between Deaf and Hearing cultures in an educational yet entertaining manner.

She and Holcomb are co-authors of Cultural Detective: Deaf Culture. Anna also edited four other titles in the Cultural Detective series.